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“The eleventh line goes either way.”

“I start a sentence and I’m not sure where it’ll end up but it’s usually better than where it began.”

“At every twist and turn in the trail ahead on the path sat the past.”

“Have you ever heard of the old saying ‘you are what you eat’? Well, that actually goes without saying.”

Old black background. Blackboard. Chalkb

“Good friends don’t follow or lead one another but rather feed off of each other’s ideas and energy mutually.”

“I try to see something for whatever it is, based on understanding, when most people see whatever is expected, based on assumption.”

"It made sense to think this way and I thought that life is like a dream and that like a dream the good can be good and the bad can be bad and from time to time it won’t make sense and when you know it shouldn’t it somehow will."

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